A selection of images of my work in The Fire Within exhibition Love is a Rebellious Bird currently showing in the Atrium, The Galleries, Wigan Town Centre until 2020.

Jane with grandsons Leon and Franky

All photos by Matylda Augustynek


“Wigan’s own pioneering artist and activist Jane Fairhurst freefalls into the space with her exquisite Hokusai inspired series of paintings showcasing her pertinent environmental message.

Love is a Rebellious Bird hears the urgency of the Extinction Rebellion message. A sandtimer recalls the movement’s sign at the centre of a circle of birds from Wigan Museum’s collection of taxidermy.” Excerpt from Al & Al’s text for The Fire Within Rebel Gallery

Freefall Series

Freefall Series, taxidermy birds and sandtimer from Wigan Museum

Madonna Collection

Goddess Drawings

Alder, Kate 40 weeks, Jane and grandson Franky