soft sculptures 2004-2006

Soft Sculptures

These grossly enlarged toys are my response to a series of small ‘Disney’ characters offered as free gifts with so called `Happy Meals’. I chose to use fabrics normally for domestic use, curtains, tablecloths and upholstery to emphasise the fact that, not so long ago, toys were made in the home from offcuts. Only recently have toys been used to entice children and their parents to eat in fast food outlets.

In 2007, following adverse publicity, Disney chose not to renew their contract with Mc Donald’s preferring ‘to use their characters to promote healthier foods.’

Too many Happy Meals  2004

Too many Happy Meals  – 2004


'Oven Ready' 2004

Oven Ready – 2004



Floral Family 2004

Floral Family2004


The Stripes 2004

The Stripes2004


'Hanging birds' 2004

Hanging Birds – 2004