‘History of the Future’ 2009-2011

‘History of the Future’

I worked collaboratively with artist Tim Fielding  during of our Master of Fine Art studies at Liverpool Art and Design Academy from 2008-2010. We continued working together until 2011 when an extremely sad event occurred that meant we were no longer able to work together. The work we made collaboratively was really special.


Tim Fielding and Jane Fairhurst – Turnpike Gallery, Leigh 2011

With ‘History of the Future’ we created a complex work that critiques political ideologies, social systems and the impact of art, design and architecture, prompting questions relating to the fabric of our built environment; how it has developed in the way it has, who makes these decisions and, ultimately, what effect the place we live in has on the quality of our lives.


‘Xingkong’ 2009-10 mixed media – 70 x 68 x 68 cm

History of the Future part of Rise Up and Build at Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk

‘History of the Future’, part of ‘Rise Up and Build’ exhibition at Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, 2011

History of the Future

‘History of the Future’, 2010 installation with projections and sound – 500 x 500 x 500 cm

‘We are Here’ exhibition, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, 2011

'History of the Future' 2-Turnpike Gallery 2011

‘History of the Future’, ‘We are Here’ exhibition, Turnpike Gallery 2011