I’ll be joining artists Axel Bottenberg, Ilona Kiss, David Hancock and Loya Gutierrez in an exhibition of paintings selected by Axel Bottenberg. PV 29/09/16, 6-9pm. Open Saturdays 11-5pm from 1st October-5th November.



Enigma, acrylic on canvas (90x90cm)


I’ll be showing two pieces at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery during the Warrington Contemporary 2016 from 30th September -29th October


Guardian, mixed media with bonsai tree root, found plastic budgerigar, gold-leafed egg, feathers.

Dystopia, mixed media with preserved virgin queen bees,date stones, heartwood, goldleaf, silver mesh, olive branch, brace comb and propolis.


Cross Street Arts latest exhibition now open at The Old Courts, part of Wigan Arts Festival from 12th – 18th September. Great exhibition in a beautiful building!

Too many Happy Meals  2004


Too Many Happy Meals – soft sculpture



New Mills Festival-installation of my mixed media and sculptural work set up in the window at Blakes the art of hair on Market Street, New Mills. The festival runs from 9th – 25th September, lots to see and in a most beautiful setting.



Ekenu and Iti – Ancient Egyptian Khener Dancers. A celebration of famous dancers from two and a half millennia ago.

Ekenu – fabric, felt and dreadlocks

My installation at Blakes the art of hair on Market Street, New Mills.



New work for latest exhibition which opens Thursday 25th August 7-9pm at New Art Spaces Bolton, Churchgate House, Churchgate, Bolton, BL1 1HL.


My installation Mater Memoriam is a celebration of all women and the knowledge they possess and share with their sisters, daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, friends and the wider female community as they have since ancient times.

All of the objects in this installation relate in one way or another to women I know and have known, from whom I have learned and learned about.

Much of my recent work aims to address the way women have been marginalised within the human story. I have conducted extensive research and have learned of the pivotal role women have played, and continue to play, in all cultures.

With this installation I have chosen to move away from the museum aesthetic in which objects are carefully labelled and laid out in a classified order. Instead I have created the aesthetic of my studio, where objects may appear to be jumbled and chaotic, however, each piece has been carefully chosen and placed, so that they may be seen in a fresh context and create a new narrative.