I’ll be taking part in Cultivate’s SOMETHING BLACK art exhibition online opening 6pm on 24th April

Something Black


Glut 2011

Victorian Glass dome, plastic animals, blackboard paint

Photographed in the Victorian Parlour at Rossendale Museum by Neil Warburton.

Placement v Process invites CSA artists to reveal their artistic practice. How do we get to what leads to a finished work? Placement v Process will take place across two venues at The Old Courts Wigan and Cross Street Gallery Standish. Cross Street Artists are invited to submit what we consider to be a finished piece of work to ‘Placement’ and submit works created that we do not consider being a final piece but are integral to our artistic practice to ‘Process’. The viewer will be able to see a ‘finished’ exhibition at The Old Courts and the hidden behind the scenes stuff that goes into making artworks at Cross Street Arts. We want you to share the processes that go into making your work. The things you look at, read about, collect, sketch, make notes, discard? What gets left or included in final work. ‘Placement and Process’ will open at the old courts on Friday 31st March 7-9pm There will be an open evening/wrap party at CSA on Friday 14th April 7-9pm. Free entry.

placement v process

I’ll be showing my finished soft sculptures of Ancient Egyptian dancers at the Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts, Wigan and the process used in the creation of these sculptures at Cross Street Gallery, Standish.


I’m looking forward to exhibiting two mixed media works in ‘Reality Removed’ exhibition at World of Glass, St. Helens from 11th March to 28th April 2017.

Universal Magic Tree detail 2

Universal Magic Tree – detail, mixed media, tree root set in mdf disc, thread and a collection of amuletic, religious, pagan and small objects.

Dystopia – detail, Glass dome containing various objects including virgin queen bees, gold-leafed date stones and wax combs.



I’ll be showing work in London and Leeds in celebration of International Women’s Day. I have a soft sculpture in Sweet’Art’s exhibition ‘T’ART’ at Bones and Pearl Gallery 60-68 Markfield Road London N15 4QA, 7th March 12-7pm, 8th March 12-6pm-Party 6-10pm, 9th March 12-5pm and two mixed media pieces in The Floating Gallery’s first exhibition ‘She will need her sisterhood’ at The Brunswick 82 North Street Leeds LS2 7PN from 6pm on 8th March to 22nd March, venue open 7 days a week from 10am-10pm.


Maiden, Mother, Crone –  soft sculpture

Face Masks and Body Wraps – mixed media

Women’s work is never done….. mixed media

Great to start the New Year with a 3D work selected for the MONO exhibition at PSMirabel opening 12th Jan 6-9 pm and 2 pieces selected for the SHE WILL NEED HER SISTERHOOD exhibition as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations at The Floating Gallery in Leeds opening on 8th March.


A detail of my studio taken during December 2016. New shelves installed to store works made and works in progress.