Great to start the New Year with a 3D work selected for the MONO exhibition at PSMirabel opening 12th Jan 6-9 pm and 2 pieces selected for the SHE WILL NEED HER SISTERHOOD exhibition as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations at The Floating Gallery in Leeds opening on 8th March.


A detail of my studio taken during December 2016. New shelves installed to store works made and works in progress.

Highlights of 2016. I’ve shown works in sixteen exhibitions during the year including two exhibitions with Sweet’Art in London and a solo exhibition at South Square, Bradford. I was thrilled to be shortlisted for the Greater Manchester Art Prize and to be selected show work in some great venues around the North West and beyond.


Dystopia is the first piece of work I made this year.



First exhibition:- University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey.

“Transforming the everyday space of the kitchen into an absurd party landscape where quiet contemplation is abolished and replaced by an atmosphere that mirrors the the ecstasy of creating art.”

Foot Fetish-pigeon feet, cocktail sticks, black paint, florist’s oasis, turned wooden base.


Hand Maid, Sweet’Art, London.

Women’s work is never done…

Completed and partially completed knitted ‘Venuses’ in a vitrine with drawer.


Transit of Venus, Solo exhibition at Calver Gallery, South Square, Thornton, Bradford.


Alternative Nature, Electric Picture House, Cross Street, Altrincham

New Faces-altered icons

Call for Cloth-touring exhibition curated by Lauren Sagar.

My contribution to this touring exhibition was a photograph of myself and my brother as little children and related to the christening robe my parents bought during their honeymoon in Eire. This beautiful item is a link to my parents but since none in my family practice any religion it is use is now defunct.


I was thrilled to be shortlisted for the Greater Manchester Art Prize and to show my piece Dystopia in the exhibition at the Chamber of Commerce on Deansgate in Manchester.

Dystopia-heartwood lined with gold leaf supported on blocks of propolis, olive branch, silver mesh and wire, wax combs, gold leafed date stones, 7 queen bees in various states of metamorphosis.


SHE, Sweet’Art, London

Face masks and body wraps-wrapped and masked Barbies in a butterfly display box.

In July I was invited to join the selection panel for the West Lancs Open held at Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk and showed my work Gathering.

Gathering-bronze casts of avocado stones, miniature brass chair, Papaver somniferum roots (aluminium paint) contained in a glass dome.


VS-Castlefield New Art Spaces, Churchgate House, Bolton.

The VS exhibition gave me the opportunity to create a new work, my installation Mater Memoriam, a celebration of all women and the knowledge they possess and share with their sisters, daughters, granddaughters, nieces, friends and the wider female community as they have since ancient times.


Wigan Arts Festival, The Old Courts, Wigan.

Too many Happy Meals-large cloth mice

Warrington Contemporary-Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

Guardian-Bonsai Sycamore tree root, found budgerigar, gold leafed egg, feathers.

Spectrum, PSMirabel, Manchester

Tweet of the DayFelt bodied birds with pigeon skulls and feet  in a glass dome

New Mills Festival

L-R, Ladies for the Afterlife, Ekenu and Iti, Face masks and body wraps, Women’s work is never done, Matronae, shop window display, Blakes-The Art of Hair, Market Street, New Mills, High Peak, Derbyshire.


Reality on the Edge-PSMirabel, Manchester.

Enigma-acrylic on canvas

OctoberDark Apparitions, The Old Courts, Wigan.

Cage of Silence-Large bird cage filled with snail shells, vacated oak galls, tree and plant roots, bird and animal remains including fox and dog skulls.


Cross Street Arts Open Studios

My new shelves ready for Open Studios.

Finally, my most recently produced work…..

Premonitions of the Anthropocene-plastic fish, gold paint, plastic scuba diver, florist’s wire, papier-mache pebbles, perforated glass dome with ceramic base.

2016 has been a very productive year for me and despite all the political shenanigans that have confronted us this year, the dreadful wars and waste of life, I still have some hope for the future.












Freefall prints now available! Last week I received 25 x 25cm prints of two of my Freefall paintings and I’m so pleased I’ve ordered more and larger sized. Will have them available for order from my website in the New Year.

Freefall 1 acrylic on canvas 90 x 90cm

Prints from £25 (25 x 25cm)

Freefall 2 acrylic on canvas 90 x 90 cm £500

Prints from £25 (25 x 25cm)



It’s Open Studios time again at Cross Street Arts and I’m inviting you to visit our artists studios and brand new show in our gallery. We have been enabling professional artists in the region to pursue their careers since 1999 through the provision of studio spaces and are pleased to announce four new studios due to open this Friday.. We’re open from Friday 2nd December 7-9pm, Saturday from 11-8pm and Monday 5th to Friday 9th December from 12-6pm. Come and join us on Friday for festive fare and I’ll show you the work I’ve been making during 2016.


The Aesthetic Talisman

feathers, wire, sloughed adder skin, cone, seven bird skulls, perforated glass dome

40 x 30 x 30cm (photo-Neil Warburton)

Piscine Premonitions of the Anthropocene

plastic fish, gold paint, wire, cork, plastic diver, papier -mache pebbles, perforated glass dome

40 x 30 x 30cm (photo Neil Warburton)






Come and see my CAGE OF SILENCE in Dark Apparitions-a spooky exhibition opening at The Old Courts, Wigan on Friday 29th October ’til Monday 1st November.


Cage of Silence – 2014-15 – mixed media, large bird cage, mummified birds, dog and fox skull, mollusc shells, dried plant and tree roots amongst other dead things.