It’s Open Studios time again at Cross Street Arts and I’m inviting you to visit our artists studios and brand new show in our gallery. We have been enabling professional artists in the region to pursue their careers since 1999 through the provision of studio spaces and are pleased to announce four new studios due to open this Friday.. We’re open from Friday 2nd December 7-9pm, Saturday from 11-8pm and Monday 5th to Friday 9th December from 12-6pm. Come and join us on Friday for festive fare and I’ll show you the work I’ve been making during 2016.


The Aesthetic Talisman

feathers, wire, sloughed adder skin, cone, seven bird skulls, perforated glass dome

40 x 30 x 30cm (photo-Neil Warburton)

Piscine Premonitions of the Anthropocene

plastic fish, gold paint, wire, cork, plastic diver, papier -mache pebbles, perforated glass dome

40 x 30 x 30cm (photo Neil Warburton)






Come and see my CAGE OF SILENCE in Dark Apparitions-a spooky exhibition opening at The Old Courts, Wigan on Friday 29th October ’til Monday 1st November.


Cage of Silence – 2014-15 – mixed media, large bird cage, mummified birds, dog and fox skull, mollusc shells, dried plant and tree roots amongst other dead things.



I’ll be joining artists Axel Bottenberg, Ilona Kiss, David Hancock and Loya Gutierrez in an exhibition of paintings selected by Axel Bottenberg. PV 29/09/16, 6-9pm. Open Saturdays 11-5pm from 1st October-5th November.



Enigma, acrylic on canvas (90x90cm)


I’ll be showing two pieces at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery during the Warrington Contemporary 2016 from 30th September -29th October


Guardian, mixed media with bonsai tree root, found plastic budgerigar, gold-leafed egg, feathers.

Dystopia, mixed media with preserved virgin queen bees,date stones, heartwood, goldleaf, silver mesh, olive branch, brace comb and propolis.


Cross Street Arts latest exhibition now open at The Old Courts, part of Wigan Arts Festival from 12th – 18th September. Great exhibition in a beautiful building!

Too many Happy Meals  2004


Too Many Happy Meals – soft sculpture