Obstructions Exhibition at Castlefield Gallery, Salford.



“In 2020 Castlefield Gallery invited 15 artists from the North West of England to re-make an existing piece of their work with one condition: they had to accept a bespoke ‘Obstruction’ given to them by another artist in the exhibition. Inspired by a long history of artists using self-imposed restrictions to aid creative or free thinking, it also riffs off the restrictions and disruptions caused by COVID-19.”

My response to my obstruction ” USE ONLY FOUND OBJECTS and delve into the subject of plastic waste” was the theoretical discovery by a future archaeologist of a layer of plastic waste. I produced a collection and display of ‘found’ plastic and a series of watercolours of the plastic shards under the title “…a global seam of plastic…”

Photograph-Matylda Augustynek