I’m looking forward to exhibiting two recent works in King Street Studios forthcoming exhibition Something Called Home from 16th March to 14th April 2018.

Spots, Stripes and Florals – Textile sculpture on a metal stand

I have chosen this sculptural work to represent my childhood home, the place where I learned the skills used in the making of the piece.

The shape represents the peaks and troughs, the ups and downs of home life and, resting precariously on its stand, how a single change can knock a stable home off its pedestal.

Fabrics, making, sewing on buttons are the things that remind me not only of my parents home but that of my grandparents too and from whom I inherited button boxes and sewing baskets that I’m still using today.

Spots, Stripes and Florals – acrylic on canvas

With Spots, Stripes and Florals I have re-contextualised my textile work as painting to give another interpretation of home. Here home is a floating island, an imaginary place that can be whatever you want it to be.