In celebration of 20 years of Cross Street Arts studio group and as part of Manifest Arts Festival 2019 artist members have created a stunningly vibrant and diverse exhibition in their gallery on Cross Street, Standish WN6 0HQ. Open by appointment until the end of July-phone us -01257 424804. At our opening event on 13th July we celebrated with a procession, presentation,performance, fine art and music. As a founder member of the studio group it has been a great pleasure to be part of the development and establishment of Cross Street Arts for the artists of our region, long may we run!!

The Children of Mercury – a medal for Cross Street Arts

ceramic and mixed media

Anna FC Smith

Anna and Claire processing around Standish for 20 Years celebratory exhibition on 13th July 2019

Al & Al

Opening presentation in celebration of 20 Years of Cross street Arts

(Matriarchal) Reliquary 2019-2039

Claire Doyle (right) performance

Wearing my Shaman costume – performing as the Matriarchal Reliquary in Claire Doyle’s performance work

Garden Path 1999 (left)

pastel on paper

Garden Path 2019 (right)

oil on lime wood board

Both paintings were made in early spring 20 years apart and show the development of my garden and my artist practice.

Garden Path 2019

oil on lime wood panel

20 x 25 x 3cm