Thrilled to hear my painting Baba Yaga was highly commended in Wigan’s Open exhibition at the Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts.

Baba Yaga 2017

acrylic on Canvas

90 x 90cm


Small Fetish Objects: Fetishes for Uncertain Times.

The textile work I am currently engaged with developed from a long term interest in Islamic textiles and later research into amulets, talismans and fetish objects following my discovery that they continue to be regarded as objects of agency in many parts of the world. My initial interest being sparked by a book I purchased from Manchester Museum back in 2008, Sheila Paine’s Amulets, a Secret World of Power, Charms and Magic.

My own textile sculptures are constructed from randomly cut pieces of cloth remnants collected from numerous sources and include contemporary fabrics from around the world. The resulting sculptures are embellished with amulet devises; buttons, shiny objects, beads, nazaars, embroidered knots and twisting threads, as those used for protection in traditional clothing of the Middle East.

Small fetish objects with kelim and suzani

Small fetish objects, work in progress

Small fetish objects – detail

Really pleased to be showing three of my recent paintings in the first Wigan Open, PV Friday 16th November 2018 7.30-9.30pm in The Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts, Wigan WN1 1NA.

Baba Yaga, Laima, Demeter


acrylic on canvas

Fetishes for Uncertain Times: initially developed from research into older forms of magic, amulets, talismans, fetishes that people may resort to in times of uncertainty such as those we are currently experiencing. My fetish objects are constructed from off cuts of fabrics purchased in the U.K. and Turkey and embellished with amulet devices, shiny objects, nazars, buttons and embroidery. Here I am displaying them as floor based sculpture.

Fetishes for Uncertain Times-detail

Really looking forward to participating with Art across’ ‘Seventeen Artists; who happen to be women’, art historian Sara Riccardi’s new series of conversations at The Portico Library and Gallery, M2 3HY, focusing exclusively on women artists throughout history. Fortnightly sessions commence on 1st September 2018 from 11.30-1.30.

Women Artists Names 2017-2018

Embroidery on pillowcase