The Batboys play the role of ‘outsiders’ in society. They try to fit in but without understanding the ‘rules’. They may enjoy lounging about and sunning themselves on the deck of a boat sailing in the Aegean or floating in the pool of a holiday home. But when they climb onto empty plinths intended for the statues of saints in the cathedral at Chartres they are not sure whether they have taken on the status of gods and are unaware that they may be committing an act of sacrilege in some peoples’ eyes. Strangers to our culture they observe and at the same time are observed by the artist with the camera. Jane Fairhurst has been photographing The Batboys for several years now. Taking ‘holiday snaps’ of them, as they travel with her in the UK and abroad, she explores ideas of alienation and dislocation.


Batboys-the very first day

‘Batboys – The very first day…’ 24th September 2004

Batboys catching some rays on the 12 islands cruise Turkey 2004 063

Catching some rays on the twelve islands cruise, Turkey 2004

24 Batboys with view Tlos Turkey 2004

Visiting the ancient city of Tilos, Turkey 2004

Mustafa and the Batboys 2004

Meeting Mustafa in his carpet emorium, Fethiye, Turkey 2004

Bridge over the Euphrates for web 2005

Sitting on the bridge over the mighty Euphrates River, 2005

St Nicholas Church, Demre, Turkey oct 05

‘Where is Father Christmas?’ – St Nicholas Church, Demre, Turkey 2005

Gateshead 2006

Gateshead 2006

By the Weir Bongate Appleby 2006

‘Muddy Boots’ – at the weir, Bondgate, Appleby 2006

Stone age temple France 2007

Paleolithic Temple, Ardeche, France 2007

Batboys visit Vitre Castle's Cabinet of Curiosity 2007

‘What the ….!’ – Cabinet of Curiosity, Vitre Chateau, Brittany 2007

Museum exhibits Vitre France 2007

‘Exhibitionists’  –  The African Shop, Vitre, France 2007

Brittany 2007

‘This must be Brittany’ –  Tourist shop, Vitre, France 2007

London Wheel 2009

‘Where’s the eye then?’ – London 2009

London 2009

London 2009

New winter hats from Batoumi, Georgia

‘New winter hats from Batoumi, Georgia’ 2010

Every Batboys' home is a Castle

‘Every Batboys’ home is a Castle’ Vitre, France 2007

Are We Gods_Batboys in Chartres Cathedral France  2008

‘Are We Gods?’, Batboys in Chartres Cathedral France  2007

A Reliquary for a dwelling_

‘Batboys find themselves at home’,  a reliquary in Beauvais Cathedral France,  2008

At the village pump Rotheneuf France

‘The village pump’,  Rotheneuf,  France 20012

Batboys blow his mind!

‘Batboys blow his mind!’, France 2007

We built a snowman 2010

‘Who ate the carrot?’ Greenslate garden, Wigan, 2010

Sultanhani Turkey 2013JPG

‘Intrepid Travellers’ – Sultanhani, Turkey 2013

Batboys exhausted after climb up to Nemrut Dag, Turkey 2013

‘Phew, we made it!’ – Nemrut Dag, Turkey 2013

Batboys return to the mighty Euphrates River

‘The mighty Euphrates River once more’ – Turkey 2013

Mustafa s carpet emporium, Fethiye, Turkey

Mustafa’s wonderful carpet emporium…but where is Mustafa? – Fethiye, Turkey 2013